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Overgrown Trees Hurting Your Property's Curb Appeal?

You pulled up to your home or business and realized your trees are destroying the aesthetic of the space. Bring your property back to life with tree pruning services from Specialty Tree Care in Shreveport, Benton & Bossier City, LA.

We're your smart choice for:

  • Crown raising
  • Crown reduction
  • Limb removal
  • Canopy cleaning

Don't let unkempt trees ruin the appearance of your home or business. Schedule an appointment with Specialty Tree Care by calling 318-489-3318 in Shreveport, Benton & Bossier City, LA.


It’s hard to impress your guests with a yard that’s littered with overgrown trees.Tree Pruning will make them look great and keep them healthy for years to come. Tree maintenance & Pruning is great for your trees because it involves:

  • Removing unsightly dead branches
  • Improving tree shape
  • Reducing risk of tree disease

Trimming and pruning your trees will also help you avoid expensive tree removal or tree damage repair in the future. Schedule tree pruning services in Shreveport, Benton & Bossier City, LA today.

Hire a Tree Pruning Expert today!

Hire a Tree Pruning Expert today!

Tired of caring for your trees? Our tree care contractors have you covered.

You don't have time to prune, remove and shape the trees at your residential or commercial property. Specialty Tree Care in Shreveport & Bossier City, LA can manage the job. We're dedicated to delivering the consistent, honest services you need. Besides pruning and removing your trees, we can also eliminate the stump in your yard.

Get in touch with our tree pruning specialists as soon as possible.